Gaviota inicia el vuelo sobre la playa de Samil, en Vigo, con la isla de Toralla al fondo. Seagull flights over Samil beach in Vigo, Spain, with Toralla island on its back.
Eight - Project365 (8/365) Rudolf Rudolf is a 9 year old boxer, who has been with us all the time. Real friend and part of our family. Years are showing in his face now.
Twentytwo - Project365 (22/365) Boyz n the hood. Cows and chaos
Double trouble on the rocks. Seascape photo captured in Ons islands, paradise in Galicia (Spain)
Morning walk with dogs at Bouzas beach
Fifty- Project365 (50/365) Spiky, the mouth
De paseo por Corrubedo, encuentro nuevamente a un viejo amigo. Esos pequeños momentos en que agradeces llevar la réflex // Just hanging around in Corrubedo, I found an old friend of mine. One of those moments you are glad to have your reflex.
Eleven - Project365 (11/365) The bug and the island
Portrait of Rudolf, my old friend.

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